domingo, 29 de julho de 2007

What Playing Card Are You?

You Are the Ace of Hearts

Youthful and playful, you love life and the world.
You have a kind spirit, and you bring happiness to everyone you know.

Artistic and bold, you see the world in bright colors.
And you certainly aren't afraid to express everything you see and feel.

You are sentimental, and your emotions are very deep.
You are easily swept away and easily hurt.

A gamble you should take: Blackjack

Your friends would describe you as: Unique

Your enemies would describe you as: Weepy

If you lived in Vegas, you would be: An up and coming chef or fashion designer

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code disse...

same here...

o que não quer dizer que concorde...

Joaninha disse...

oi sofia deixei-t um desafio no meu blog passa por lá*********+

PS - a tua mana tb pode responder*******